Friday, January 24, 2014


The Blog has been on a hiatus for a few reason, none of which are worth spending the time to talk about, because honestly who cares.

What is important is that the Pastors' are interested in stopping in now to help update you on loads of amazing things that happen behind the scenes at UDLC all the time.

Plus we are going to start to give you interview people around church and share the life stories of our congregation with you all.

Some things to ponder:
- Did you know that our program with One House at a Time with UDLC has included getting Beds for kids all over our area called BEDS FOR KIDS?
- Theresa Tino and Patty Ritter in the front office have loads of short term projects for some tech savvy people and that these projects can be done after hours and on weekend?  We need electronic filing organized on our servers and with Photos being classified?
- Have you ever wondered how the church decorating gets done and who does it?
- Can you name 5 people in the congregation who are PHD's?
- Why is our Newsletter called "Puff's Corner"?

Stay tuned here for more information and for some upcoming posts.