Thursday, January 26, 2012

Why call your Blog "News from the Back Pew"?

So the name may make sense to some who understand the idea of  sitting close to the back for a quick exit, many people may wonder why we chose to go with "News from the Back Pew".  Though if you ever take a look at the back pew of most church services, it is almost always occupied.  

The Youth Director here (who actually chose the name) spent almost 20+ years with his Dad, Mom, and 2 sisters in the back pew of the congregation he grew up in.  In that time, he knew who was missing each week by spaces open in relation to where he sat.  It gave him a sense of community and family to look over the  congregation and see the adults and friends in his church family with him each week.  It also was his safe spot.  It was a place that he knew he would be almost every Sunday and was the place where before the services his family would read over the weekly announcements and church happenings (never during worship of the sermon of course). 

However, if you think about the back pew of most churches, you always find a mix of members.  You find late comers, old timers, nervous visitors, and often times our ushers.  The church back pew is also the place the pastor hopes to reach each week.  Sure, we have microphones these days, but you still have to project all the way back there, so really the back pew is focal point for those up front, as much as the altar is the focus for the people back there.

So, the name comes the way other things get their name, it works.  So join us each week here and get the news from the back pew.  It may be additional reflections on the sermon from Sunday, a question to think about each week, or just some info we find on the web and think the UDLC will find interesting.  So this like the back pew is a place for you to still remain involved, if cautiously and to a degree anonymously.

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