Thursday, August 23, 2012

We better go back to church...

Please note that the following blog post may be depressing and sad to those living in denial that summer is coming to an end.
(DENIAL: It is not just a river in Egypt anymore)
Please be advised.

Well, the summer is wrapping up.  The back to school shopping is all around us and so with some excitement, some concern, some apprehension, and some indifference (and this is just the parents) the school year is starting.  Though students are dealing with these emotions and more, but like it or not it is time to HEAD BACK TO SCHOOL!

Now, this also starts all sorts of school year schedules and calendars.  Different bed times, weeknight activities, homework, sports practice, fitting in family time, and for many it means returning to a more regular Sunday Worship Attendance schedule.  Vacations are over and we all feel like we need to "Go Back to Church" and so the week after school starts everyone comes back and some more sheepish than others.

Now, what if someone said..."Good Morning.  Nice to see you."  do you immediately go into explanation of where you have been and why you haven't been there or do you just embrace the greeting and realize it is just a greeting and this is why you come each week you are able, to see your "family"?

Often people feel like they are coming back and that people expect an explanation for where they have been other than church on Sunday.  Instead why not just greet them and if the conversation arises where people ask about your summer, so be it.  Though there should be no sense of judgement or need to explain where you have been.  While people do miss and care when you are not here, we all have "LIFE STUFF" and it at times means Worship is not able to be at the top each week.

So as we get toward September as the days grow shorter, school and school activities start, and calendars are being made up, don't forget about worship time with us at Upper Dublin.  As a community, we become energized when we all gather together and we want to share in life with each other, so the "LIFE STUFF" can not just take on a negative connotation, but a positive one as well.  We will pray when needed for healing, health, and support.  Though we want to celebrate with you the GREAT THINGS TOO!  The great things, no matter the size, going on in your lives.

Spin the negative sense of "LIFE HAPPENS to a positive:

Friday, August 10, 2012

Come and see....We have some big things on our Radar too!

Sitting here are the walls of water come down, I thought it was time to post.  It sure is nasty out there today?  I mean wind, rain, lightning, thunder, and this old lady on a bike just pedaled by the window and yelled something about a dog? (Yes, that is a Oz reference) and in pulling the radar up, it seems like the whole area is getting the same treatment.

So, we have had a pretty dry summer and in order to fix that it seems all the rain is coming this week and a good portion today!  The good news is, that crops are getting rain, plants are being watered, grass is coming back, ponds, creeks, and the scorched earth is being watered.  Sure it is scary when it comes in large amounts in a short time, but it is about taking life as it comes.  Like life, we get what seem like drenching rain and droughts.

Every day we are given many challenges in life and we all take them as they come.  Some are small and some are bigger, but that is what makes UDLC's Community strong.  We come together and share them with each other, pray for each other and check in with each other.  There are times when these things (good and bad) keep us from being in community each week, but the family we have makes UDLC a place we want to come and find that peace, if only for a couple hours.  Though that is what community is about and it is what we all want to share with our friends who have not expierenced that here or at any church family.  It could they never had it growing up, or not since they were young, or it could be just a short time and they are looking. 

On September 9th, we are having a Church Picnic and we are excited to celebrate and have fun together, but there is another oppurtunity for us all.  It is a chance for us to bring our friends and neighbors to come meet our family at UDLC and meet them in a more relaxed situation.  It is a chance for them to meet your family and see what brings us all to UDLC.

It is not always easy to invite your friends and neighbors to church on Sunday's.  People will tell you that the most controversial conversation topics are Politics and Religion.  So rather than talk about it, why not say "Come and See" UDLC for yourself.

In John, Chapter 1, two times people are told in Verse 39 and 46 to "come and see".  If that was the way Jesus called disciples, shouldn't this be a good method for us even now in 2012.  Make the invite easy and say, "Come and See".

So, if you want to introduce your "Sweet Home Upper Dublin" to people, rather than trying to try and explain it, just say  "COME AND SEE".  If they say, they are not sure just say all I am saying is "Come and See" it for yourself and decide for yourself what you think and if it is a fit for you.

Thursday, August 2, 2012

He's back and this time he is staying.

So everyone has pretty much had a first day.  It could be school or work, but first days come with excitement and a little bit of nervousness.  Well, yesterday was the first day for Upper Dublin.
Oh sure, you think, "Hey The Reverend Keith Anderson started so that is the first day you mean."  That is correct, but also incorrect.  (Listen we are Lutheran, the only absolutes are Grace and Casseroles).  Though it is a first day that has been in the works for months.  It is the first day with the staff being fully together to begin what will be years of ministry together and the congregational family who just got 6 new human members and one dog. 

It is was the first day for all of us.  The first day when everyone is dealing with new office locations, new staff members, and if you leave it to the Youth Director, Ray Hopkins to greet the new pastor with "Hey, I thought you would be taller."  However it is everyone's first day.  Sunday it will be the first Sunday with both pastors and ready to start down the discipleship path together. 

We have been down a relatively short journey for a church in the "Call Process", but that does not mean it was easy on many the community.  We had great leadership in Pastor Dyan Lawlor and our church leadership, but now we can shoot for the stars and beyond.  We can take on more and continue to grow even more than before.

People call the weekend after Labor Day Weekend, "Rally Day" which is designed to be a point when we all rally back at church after summer, but that first means that we haven't been here this whole time.  We have been here, we have had Vacation Bible School, went to the Appalachia Service Project, sent youth to New Orleans, had a parsonage project kicked off and worked to have it ready in "weeks", and we will have a church picnic September 9th.  So UDLC may not need to "Rally", but perhaps celebrate as a whole family and welcome the fall and coming school year.

Sunday, July 15, 2012


Who are they and why are we writing about them?  Well, glad you asked...

They are 16 youth and 5 adults from Upper dublin Lutheran Church.  They are traveling to NEW ORLEANS for the ELCA NATIONAL GATHERING!  They will spend time doing service projects.  Becoming Peacemakers, Justicemakers, and Disciples while also learning how to pack it up and bring it home.

Want to know more?  Want to see photos?  Ask Questions?  Just send support?

CHECK US OUT AT, follow us on Twitter @udlcambler, or Facebook (

We leave at 4 AM tomorrow morning, so we maybe updating you before most of you have your first cup of coffee!

Monday, July 2, 2012

Do all the tallest men in the area go to this church?

If you have ever stood in a group of taller men at UDLC after the 9 AM Service, then you may have overheard a man say this, then crack a smile, and laugh.

Bill Miller had a theory that every man taller than him decided to attend UDLC.  When prompted, he would say, "Well I used to be taller, but you get old and you shrink."  He loved to laugh, and joke, but he had a very serious side that came out when he talked of things he loved.  He loved his family, his church, and his Lord.

Bill passed away earlier today and the first thing that actually made me (the mysterious blog author) laugh was the refrain from the song "Soliloquy" from Carousel and I actually see the irony in it when it comes to Bill.

My boy, Bill! He'll be tall
And tough as a tree, will Bill!
Like a tree he'll grow
With his head held high
And his feet planted firm on the ground
And you won't see nobody dare to try
To boss or toss him around!
No pot-bellied, baggy-eyed bully'll toss him around
I don't give a d-mn what he does
As long as he does what he likes!

For a man who had to look up to a number of people physically on Sunday, what Bill didn't know was that many of us look up to him.  His tenacity, his love, his humor, and his heart for Jesus are the reasons we loved Bill.  Last February, Bill spoke to our youth about his trials and health issues in 2008.  In that he spoke of how he went from being a member of a church to being a "Christian"  and realized what being a "Christian" was all about.

Bill, you will be missed, but we are grateful for you leaving us with your own words and journey from attending a Christian church to being a "Christian".
You can also hear his Funeral Service in its entirety here. Bill Miller's Funeral (with Prelude)

Friday, June 22, 2012

A change is gonnna come....

So when you think about the person sitting typing this, do you wonder "who is the author"? Then you see Sam Cooke Lyrics posted and the reader has to think about who could pull up Sam Cooke.
Summer is here and people will soon be off with vacation, BBQ, weekends with friends, and just taking lazy weekends with family.  Now, as the writer of this Blog I am not going to say you're doing anything wrong, but while you are gone SOME PRETTY BIG CHANGES ARE UPON US!

You all know that Donna Huxtable has stepped down as treasurer and another member Linda Rozinski has taken the reins there.

Did you know however that our Office Administrator, Kathleen Dombkoski, is moving to Chicago with her family?

Kathleen has been a huge blessing to UDLC in the time she has been here.  She has helped not only get the office organized, plan multiple large projects and create all of the marketing materials, flyers, and postcards for more things than we can list.  Kathleen streamlined "This Week" to save paper each week.

Some things that Kathleen did that you may not know, but benefit from all the time:
* Original reworking of
* Help coordinating the visit of the "Tanzania 3"
* Help getting "Constant Contact" emails to congregation
* Making sure the website is constantly updated
* The most recent UDLC.ORG reworking and upgrade in November 2011
* Helping to get Upper Dublin's computers and network update done.

This change is coming and while it is sad for many of us and we will miss Kathleen, Mark, and the girls, we wish them all the best.

So in all the change with Donna Huxtable moving closer to her daughter, Linda Rozinski joining the staff, Pastor Keith joining us, and Kathleen Dombkoski moving on....

As Sam Cooke sings:

There were times when I thought I couldn't last for long
But now I think I'm able to carry on
It's been a long, a long time coming
But I know a change gone come, oh yes it will



As Lutherans, there is a stereotype that we don’t like change, but funny thing is UDLC seems to take on “Change” and embrace it.

Thursday, May 3, 2012

It's a bird! It's a plane! Wait - who is it?

We have been through a pretty easy and quick transitional process (OK relative to others, I can tell you it was quick) and we still are awaiting our new pastor and family in August.  However there has been one thing constant at UDLC and one beacon of light holding us together...

Pastor Dyan Lawlor, UDLC's own Superwoman.  Sure she will tell you how all of the committees and lay leaders worked harder, but she has been our rock and our go-to for a congregation and she has done it with laughs and smiles, and with all the mounting stress she has been our shepherd.

She has always worn many hats, but right now she wears even more....

Dyan works in many places in the church and community and is willing to sit back when she knows people know more than she does and listen to what others may have as far as solutions.

Now, she may have insights or ideas on projects, issues, or upcoming events, she knows others have the skills and time to make these things even better.

Pastor and Preacher

Sunday Mornings, Women's Bible Study, Confirmation, Lent, Wedding, Baptisms, Funerals, Pre-School Chapel, etc...

Sure her title is PASTOR and the name brings certain expectations, but her dedication to doing her best no matter how many meetings, events, personal conflicts, or other things come up are apparent in all she does.  She is a teacher, elder, mentor, and learner when she needs to fill those areas.

Moral Support
Dyan has been leading groups to take part in the Appalachia Service Project since 1985 and in those years she has led multiple churches, 100s of youth, and changed the lives of dozens of families in the Appalachia Region of our country.  More importantly, she has changed lives of families at UDLC.  She has taken parents, students, Church Council members, grandparents, and adults who may have never gone on a trip or worked with Youth any other way.  They have come to see the value of mission and service in building relationships and stronger people.

Dyan's friends/family at UDLC will tell you that when you have a friend like Dyan, even the bad stuff seems like something you can deal with.  She has an infectious laugh, a brilliant smile, a philosopher's heart, an artist's eye, and she cares.


I know, you all are saying.  Well this is a nice thing to do and a great way to pat her on the back, but there is also an important reason for this.  Dyan is approaching summer which, in the church year, people will say is the SLOW TIME.  Yet it is is not so SLOOOOOOWWWW this year.

We have lots of work to do, lots of projects, lots of small tasks to fill, and if you have the time maybe you can take a hat from her collection for a while and if you do, maybe she will teach you a yoga position or 2!

For those of you who may have not seen the video made for Dyan's 25th Anniversary of ordination here is the link...It gives you an insight to Dyan!

Sunday, April 22, 2012

There is a time for everything...

Ecclesiastes 3:1 There is a time for everything, 
   and a season for every activity under the heavens:

There are times in life when we hear these words and they comfort us in bad times and others when we remember them in times of celebration. They also are words that are viewed only at these times and in those times in between we miss the importance of Ecclesiastes 3:1 - 8.

There is a time for everything and you all probably know how the Byrds version goes: 

I would ask you how does yours go?  What do you see in the song you would write?  What are your highs and lows?

In the life of a church some of the biggest highs are celebrations, but they can be the biggest challenges also.  In September 2011, one of our Pastors retired from ministry after 40 amazing years of service.  At UDLC, we celebrated his 17 years at UDLC, but more importantly we celebrated the 40 years of his and his wife's service in ministry.  Yes, we were excited for his future and what retirement would mean, but we hurt because we would be without them.

We were lead through a interim process and through all of it our pastor Dyan was a point of light and walked us through it all.  She was helped by council and by our call committee and lay leaders of the congregation.  While there was stress, we always found reasons to celebrate the small things.

This Sunday we will meet a candidate and their family who the call committee has voted on, the council voted to approve a congregational vote, and now the congregation will vote on if this is the right fit for UDLC.

This is a time for event this.  Should we vote yes, then it is to celebrate our newest family.  If not, it means we will look for where the spirit is leading us toward and what is the best candidate for UDLC.

Stay tuned to learn more, but you should also know that out of respect for all those involved, we will probably not be posting the response and information here for a while, but know that in all of this there is a time for this.

Sometimes we pray for an answers or help.  When people feel lost or wonder where the answer is, it is probably because we don't realize that God has provided the answer we are just not slowing down and looking.

Now listen to this song again and listen to the words.  Think about what time it is in your life.

Thursday, March 29, 2012

Something for you while you wait...

Lent is a time of waiting in the year of the church.  It is a time of prayer, penance, repentance, and self-denial in some circles of the Christian faith.  Yet Lent can be a very important and exciting time for looking at yourself and your walk on your own discipleship journey.

At UDLC, we have been viewing sections from "Oh God!" with George Burns.

We all spend our lives a lot like Jerry Landers in "Oh, God!" with God asking us to share that God exists to all the world, to not limit God to a box we believe God needs to fit in perfectly.

So many times in our lives we work to do what we feel needs to be done and live a life we believe we deserve and letting faith fit in where we are often told it should, Church, inner circles with friends, and occasionally on TV and Sports.  Yet we many times find ourselves searching for our faith and God at times when we don't know what or who else to ask.  We cry out asking God to come be present with us.

This winter our confirmation class spent our 5 week term in class hearing from for members of Upper Dublin Lutheran Church's family sharing the stories of times in life when they found God around them and how they discovered that may have been exactly what they needed.

We all travel this same journey of discovery and we all fall short.  We try to take shortcuts or ignore the trail markers provided by others and grow angry when we find ourselves lost or in a strange place where we did not expect to find ourselves.

As we prepare to enter HOLY WEEK and the Easter Vigil, may we all shake off the society and social ties that bind us up and find our way to be willing to be ever growing in our own journey and to help others we encounter and ask for help from those ahead of us.

Saturday, March 17, 2012

Set a goal and see what happens....

On March 10th - 11th, 28 youth and adults got together for two main goals:

1.  Get 50 participants to raise $5,000.
2.  Begin to educate our community in more detail about famine in the East Horn of Africa and locally.

Well, we didn't get to 50 participants, but we did get to 28 and we didn't hit our $5,000 goal.  WE HIT $10,000.

We worked with our friends at Chosen 300 to serve our fellow community members in Philadelphia.

I would give you more details and provide all sorts of facts, but our youth did a great job of recapping for us:

Check out some of the photos from UDLC's 30 Hour Famine.

Monday, February 20, 2012

Happy 21st Birthday UDLC Flea Market

Most 21st birthday's start a lot different than the Upper Dublin Lutheran Church Flea Market, but not many impact as many people in such a positive way and involve as many people.  The funny thing is this 21st birthday is as much fun for the young ones through all of our seasoned Upper Dublin Lutheran veterans.

So, now if this were a movie, we would have a flashback.  You know where the world gets smokey and we can look back on 1990 and see the very first one and end up commenting about hair styles, music, and the clothing we wore.  Now let's be honest this blog is pretty awesome, but it can not control time and space. 

However, it can find pretty old school photos if provoked of members choosing to challenge those of us who post these entries (just kidding, kind of...).

So where did this amazing idea come from?  Who is to credit for such a program who would give blood, sweat, and sometimes tears?  WELL CALM DOWN AND IF YOU STOP ASKING THESE QUESTIONS AND KEEP READING I AM SURE WE WILL ANSWER THEM.

The flea market started 21 years ago when Dianne Schueller wanted to generate some funds for local charities. She realized that no one has flea markets in February. February has not been the same at UDLC since.  Now, we all know Dianne and let’s be honest, when Dianne has an idea and decides to make it happen...IT HAPPENS.  She is a real treasure to UDLC, just look at the gardens all spring, summer, and fall she makes the church look.  Now, when this first started, little did we know that it would grow to be as large as it has grown? Every year, if all went well, you would never know we had a flea market hosting hundreds of people, making thousands of dollars because nothing is left. Some workers go out to dinner together, some go home and crash but the flea market is always a church team effort and a job well done.

Now, this does not happen overnight.  Even given the fact people look for it all the time, people begin to think about it as soon as summer.  UDLC members start asking the Sunday after Christmas when the flea market will be. It is always a good way to remind people to save those gently used items they may get replaced at Christmas to help benefit others. Outdoor signs advertising the market are sent to the sign store for a yearly re-numbering in January and the metal frames are driven into the ground whenever the soil is thawed. Signs are attached to the frames usually on a cold and windy day making the job so much fun.

45 tables are reserved in January from a rental company for a week along with Janet Waechter taking over publicity and she makes sure the advertisements are in the local papers and on the scrolling billboard at the bank in Ambler. Janet also prepares a display of the outreach of the chosen recipients so everyone can learn about these charities.

Set up starts the Monday before with packing EVERYTHING (LITERALLY...EVERYTHING) from the Jr. and Sr. High rooms into the senior high room along with the piano, divider screens, lecterns and anything loose in Fellowship Hall. Monday night someone takes pictures of the Sunday school rooms that will be used so the furniture can be returned to its original lay out.

After that is finished, 45 tables are arranged in Fellowship Hall and in 2 – 3 Sunday school classrooms and for the 2nd year in the new multi-purpose room.  Shelving and other display aids are put in place. Signs are hung over the tables for a general indication of where items will go.

Tuesday – Thursday 9AM – 9 PM is drop off for donors, and marking, pricing and sorting for the workers. EVERYTHING gets a masking tape price tag and is priced at 1/10th to ¼ of retail price.

“Departments” at the flea market depend in what is donated but in general we have:
Jewelry, kitchen wares, dishes, flatware, mugs, glasses, wine glasses (including Build to Serve mugs), linens, holiday items, tools, CDs tapes, record albums, sporting goods, craft items, games, puzzles, gardening supplies, tons of books, small appliances, pet items, frames, posters and artwork; candles, small furniture, children’s toys, clothes and equipment, baby toys clothes and equipment, books and computers and software.

This is the 2nd year we will accept computers. Computers are donated to a company in Ephrata that takes them apart and reassembles parts into a working computer for people needing computers. This is another outreach from UDLC to the community.   Jewelry room workers do the tedious work of untangling chains and pricing each tiny piece. Linen workers measure each textile piece (single bed, double queen etc) and mark and price it.  Someone is busy on a laptop looking up values for any collectible item we may have received. We try to price those higher than other items yet still under the going price so someone can get a deal and we will still sell the item. Who knew that a rubber Playtex girdle in the original package sells for $60?! Some flea market workers know that!

Life goes on in UDLC the week of the flea market, while it can be quite stressful and confusing to those who show up to a space that is in use looking for a meeting. The nursery school teachers do a tremendous job of keeping “life as normal” in their classrooms, even though little notice everything 2 – 4 year old eyes DO see those tempting piles of toys in the downstairs hallway. Kathleen and Theresa, in the office make sure all the groups who use spaces now taken up by tables know the new meeting rooms and help make last minute changes. These two are unsung heroes who also live through this chaotic week in mostly silent observation.

On Friday, the flea market has to be totally priced and no more donations are accepted. The tables for the cashiers are set up, Bruce Waechter makes a trip to the bank so the cashier’s tills can be set up and the floor is vacuumed. A group of people make a sweep to make sure like items are priced the same. Nothing is uglier than 2 people fighting over the same cooler with one marked $2 and one marked $5 on the morning of the flea market. A “Martha Stewart” team comes in Friday afternoon and makes “vignettes” displays. Displaying our stuff attractively has upped our sales. Of course, the displays do not last long come Saturday.

We also contact the Upper Dublin Police department to give them a heads up of Saturday traffic and they are kind enough to sweep through the parking lot the week of the flea market for added security.

Saturday morning is a Cecil B. DeMille production. Cashiers, bouncers, (stair way is down only, please, no strollers,), floor people who rearrange the stuff, bring items under the table to the top of the table, catechism students help customers out to their cars with purchases and oh-so-nicely tell people then cannot come in the side doors. Kitchen workers, (who are responsible to set the year’s menu and make plans to purchase the necessary ingredients and supplies) have fired up the ovens, crock posts, and warming trays for the hungry masses. Thank you David and Charlie for doing this for so long!

Our pastor(s) are there Saturday morning to greet our flea market guests as they rush in. 

THEN THE SALE STARTS! Deals are struck, treasures are found, and those people who made room in their house with donations often find themselves giving new homes to the perfect item found in the maze of household items, electronics, Christmas decorations, or toys.

Saturday afternoon a brand new team comes in and ALL leftovers get boxed (only boxes with a lid please) and packed in the waiting panel truck. Past years have seen John Weiss pushing the driver in the driver’s side so he can squeeze in since the front was also filled. The church is vacuumed and everything from the senior high room is returned to its place and tables are put back to their original position in the Sunday school rooms.

Recipients of our unsold items are contacted and arrangements made although things don’t always end up just as planned. Nothing like having a ton of boxes awaiting the arrival of a truck that never comes! This has happened! The recipients of our leftovers constantly change due to their situations – lucky New Life Thrift Store likes our stuff and we like them. New Life thrift uses their proceeds for charity.

Now, that you know what is going on at UDLC this week when you show up, perhaps a few other people should be recognized for their work. Bill and Kathy James spend hours helping getting the church setup, volunteers in place, setup and tear down complete (not to mention giving us details for this blog entry), and all of this after working all day. We have dozens of setup volunteer adults, teens, Tweens, neighbors, community members young and old, and at times a pastor has even been seen up there lending a hand before shopping!

Oh and once the sale is done and smoke has cleared. The church is reset for Sunday morning and we celebrate the great time we all had, the charities end up receiving between $3,000 and $5,000 for their ministry.

Now, if you got all upset because we told you to wait and we probably will answer your question and now are more annoyed because something is still unanswered I can get you those answers. Just show up on Tuesday - Thursday to help setup or volunteer to help Saturday and ask around while you maybe meet members you may have never run across otherwise.

Oh and if anyone finds a 1st edition of "Lake Wobegon Days" Pastor Lawlor will pay you back! ;-)

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Local writer Elise Seyfried comes to UDLC March 1st.

In life a little rain must fall and sometimes your umbrella just ain't big enough.  Yet look back on it when enough time has passed and some life lessons may become clearer.

No, this is not a quote from "Underway: Reflections on Everyday Grace" by local writer Elise Seyfried; it is actually just sort of what happens in life.  We all deal with things every day and in Elise's new book "Underway: Reflections on Everyday Grace" Elise takes readers through parts of her life and finding the BIG "G" in all of it.

Elise began her published life with "Unhaling: On God, Grace and a Perfectly Imperfect Life" a collection of her Essay's that came out in 2010 and allowed her to take what would to some look like the insanely busy life of a Christian Education Director/Youth Leader/Mom/Wife/Actress and in all of that a faithful Child of God.

In all of her writing, Elise focuses on the ONE true support and guidance that she looks to for support and guidance.  Her writing is that of a friend telling you stories from her life and the lives of her family and while she does not try and not embarrass her kids, she does admit that this is real life and is telling these stories to help give others insight.

Elise will be coming to UDLC on March 1, 2012 to do a reading and meet with members of the community.  She has been called “a local Gem” and those who meet her will understand the compliment, but Elise will be the last one to call herself a GEM.

Elise has been writing freelance locally for years and presently serves as Director of Spiritual Formation at Christ Lutheran Church in Oreland, Pennsylvania.  She is married to Steve and is mother to 5 great children. 
Check out both of her books here at and her own blog here.

Thursday, January 26, 2012

Why call your Blog "News from the Back Pew"?

So the name may make sense to some who understand the idea of  sitting close to the back for a quick exit, many people may wonder why we chose to go with "News from the Back Pew".  Though if you ever take a look at the back pew of most church services, it is almost always occupied.  

The Youth Director here (who actually chose the name) spent almost 20+ years with his Dad, Mom, and 2 sisters in the back pew of the congregation he grew up in.  In that time, he knew who was missing each week by spaces open in relation to where he sat.  It gave him a sense of community and family to look over the  congregation and see the adults and friends in his church family with him each week.  It also was his safe spot.  It was a place that he knew he would be almost every Sunday and was the place where before the services his family would read over the weekly announcements and church happenings (never during worship of the sermon of course). 

However, if you think about the back pew of most churches, you always find a mix of members.  You find late comers, old timers, nervous visitors, and often times our ushers.  The church back pew is also the place the pastor hopes to reach each week.  Sure, we have microphones these days, but you still have to project all the way back there, so really the back pew is focal point for those up front, as much as the altar is the focus for the people back there.

So, the name comes the way other things get their name, it works.  So join us each week here and get the news from the back pew.  It may be additional reflections on the sermon from Sunday, a question to think about each week, or just some info we find on the web and think the UDLC will find interesting.  So this like the back pew is a place for you to still remain involved, if cautiously and to a degree anonymously.

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Welcome to the Virtual Coffee Hour!

Welcome to our our virtual home for information on ministries and the happenings of UDLC!

It is kind of like being in the Narthex Sunday mornings.  We will work to keep you informed on happenings, share photos, and shre other things from around the web.

Each Sunday our UDLC shares in fellowship between services and this is when we get to catch up on the weeks past or coming up.  Our hope is to make this another place for you to share the amazing things that happen at UDLC.

While we will be sharing information and stories from around the church/Synod/ELCA, we hope to also spotlight on other topics or issues facing UDLC.

So if each week you may not have time to sit down and catch up with your church family....
We are hoping you can take a few moments to check in with us online and maybe have something to share what you love about your church family with others.