Thursday, August 23, 2012

We better go back to church...

Please note that the following blog post may be depressing and sad to those living in denial that summer is coming to an end.
(DENIAL: It is not just a river in Egypt anymore)
Please be advised.

Well, the summer is wrapping up.  The back to school shopping is all around us and so with some excitement, some concern, some apprehension, and some indifference (and this is just the parents) the school year is starting.  Though students are dealing with these emotions and more, but like it or not it is time to HEAD BACK TO SCHOOL!

Now, this also starts all sorts of school year schedules and calendars.  Different bed times, weeknight activities, homework, sports practice, fitting in family time, and for many it means returning to a more regular Sunday Worship Attendance schedule.  Vacations are over and we all feel like we need to "Go Back to Church" and so the week after school starts everyone comes back and some more sheepish than others.

Now, what if someone said..."Good Morning.  Nice to see you."  do you immediately go into explanation of where you have been and why you haven't been there or do you just embrace the greeting and realize it is just a greeting and this is why you come each week you are able, to see your "family"?

Often people feel like they are coming back and that people expect an explanation for where they have been other than church on Sunday.  Instead why not just greet them and if the conversation arises where people ask about your summer, so be it.  Though there should be no sense of judgement or need to explain where you have been.  While people do miss and care when you are not here, we all have "LIFE STUFF" and it at times means Worship is not able to be at the top each week.

So as we get toward September as the days grow shorter, school and school activities start, and calendars are being made up, don't forget about worship time with us at Upper Dublin.  As a community, we become energized when we all gather together and we want to share in life with each other, so the "LIFE STUFF" can not just take on a negative connotation, but a positive one as well.  We will pray when needed for healing, health, and support.  Though we want to celebrate with you the GREAT THINGS TOO!  The great things, no matter the size, going on in your lives.

Spin the negative sense of "LIFE HAPPENS to a positive:

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