Thursday, March 29, 2012

Something for you while you wait...

Lent is a time of waiting in the year of the church.  It is a time of prayer, penance, repentance, and self-denial in some circles of the Christian faith.  Yet Lent can be a very important and exciting time for looking at yourself and your walk on your own discipleship journey.

At UDLC, we have been viewing sections from "Oh God!" with George Burns.

We all spend our lives a lot like Jerry Landers in "Oh, God!" with God asking us to share that God exists to all the world, to not limit God to a box we believe God needs to fit in perfectly.

So many times in our lives we work to do what we feel needs to be done and live a life we believe we deserve and letting faith fit in where we are often told it should, Church, inner circles with friends, and occasionally on TV and Sports.  Yet we many times find ourselves searching for our faith and God at times when we don't know what or who else to ask.  We cry out asking God to come be present with us.

This winter our confirmation class spent our 5 week term in class hearing from for members of Upper Dublin Lutheran Church's family sharing the stories of times in life when they found God around them and how they discovered that may have been exactly what they needed.

We all travel this same journey of discovery and we all fall short.  We try to take shortcuts or ignore the trail markers provided by others and grow angry when we find ourselves lost or in a strange place where we did not expect to find ourselves.

As we prepare to enter HOLY WEEK and the Easter Vigil, may we all shake off the society and social ties that bind us up and find our way to be willing to be ever growing in our own journey and to help others we encounter and ask for help from those ahead of us.

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