Monday, July 2, 2012

Do all the tallest men in the area go to this church?

If you have ever stood in a group of taller men at UDLC after the 9 AM Service, then you may have overheard a man say this, then crack a smile, and laugh.

Bill Miller had a theory that every man taller than him decided to attend UDLC.  When prompted, he would say, "Well I used to be taller, but you get old and you shrink."  He loved to laugh, and joke, but he had a very serious side that came out when he talked of things he loved.  He loved his family, his church, and his Lord.

Bill passed away earlier today and the first thing that actually made me (the mysterious blog author) laugh was the refrain from the song "Soliloquy" from Carousel and I actually see the irony in it when it comes to Bill.

My boy, Bill! He'll be tall
And tough as a tree, will Bill!
Like a tree he'll grow
With his head held high
And his feet planted firm on the ground
And you won't see nobody dare to try
To boss or toss him around!
No pot-bellied, baggy-eyed bully'll toss him around
I don't give a d-mn what he does
As long as he does what he likes!

For a man who had to look up to a number of people physically on Sunday, what Bill didn't know was that many of us look up to him.  His tenacity, his love, his humor, and his heart for Jesus are the reasons we loved Bill.  Last February, Bill spoke to our youth about his trials and health issues in 2008.  In that he spoke of how he went from being a member of a church to being a "Christian"  and realized what being a "Christian" was all about.

Bill, you will be missed, but we are grateful for you leaving us with your own words and journey from attending a Christian church to being a "Christian".
You can also hear his Funeral Service in its entirety here. Bill Miller's Funeral (with Prelude)

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