Sunday, February 9, 2014

Do you know the people in your neighborhood?

The purpose of this “News from the Back Pew” blog is to help pass on information about ministries or events at UDLC that needed more information that “This Week” or “Puff’s Corner” allowed for due to space and how many amazing things we have going on.

One of the amazing things that happens at UDLC naturally is how we become so important in each other’s lives.  For the past 6 months, many people have been commenting about how they are learning things about members they never knew and some of them are relationships developing inside UDLC for years.  Our community is so strong and healthy because our individual members desire to connect with each other at UDLC on a more individual level.  

Over the next 4 months, this blog is going to be working to put out at one member profile a week, to get to know more of our members a little bit deeper.  This is not for just new member or an old member.   This effort is an intergenerational venture and cross as many ministries at UDLC as we can.  We want our long-term members and new members, no matter what their chronological ages may be.  

We are planning to post one member profile a week starting February 16 and hope you will continue to come back and check out the blog each week.

Humbly, but not too humbly.
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